Integration leads to superior collaboration Do all your systems integrate seamlessly? (Marketing, social, content, e-commerce, accounting, ERP, payment, etc.)


Maximize the lifetime value of your customers Keep your customers happy and loyal. Attract and engage them with your e-commerce portal so they think of you first for all their IT needs.


Customer expectations have changed – HAS YOUR BUSINESS? Build a new stream of customers and consolidate your existing accounts. Your e-commerce portal is your foot in door to growth!


ConnectMaze is a rapidly customizable e-commerce solution for managed service providers. We can develop, integrate, host and manage your e-commerce portal, so you can focus on your core business.

ConnectMaze is a B2B e-commerce solution, which integrates with your backend systems. Based on the Ebay-Magento Platform, It can be hosted on your cloud or ours. It gives small and medium businesses an easy, affordable B2B platform for order management, customer management, product catalog, payments and integration with accounting and inventory.
IT businesses are transitioning to big box e-commerce technology stores (BBETS) for products, and now BBETS are rapidly moving into the services space. Product sales lead to services, and services lead to managed services. We enable managed service providers (MSPs) to offer full lifecycle IT services to grow their market and increase the maximum lifetime value per customer.
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ConnectMaze is a division of Supra ITS, a global IT services company with its head office in Canada. Supra ITS is primarily focussed on Managed IT Services and application product development. We started our business as a value added reseller (VAR) in 1999 and truly understand the growing pains of the journey, as we, too, progressed from a VAR to MSP.



E-Commerce Development and Mobility

The rise of e-commerce has transformed business-to-business (B2B) transactions and relationships. The accessible yet competitive landscape is fundamentally changing businesses at every level. Even small businesses just entering the online marketplace are thrust into global competition, where the biggest online players aggressively fight for market share. However, small and mid-size businesses have an advantage when they are nimble and responsive, and they can profit by learning from the big players’ winning strategies.



Extending your business automation or an ERP system to an e-commerce portal can be a daunting task. Your e-commerce storefront needs to synchronize with different systems – ERP, accounting, inventory, supply chain, other back-end systems and sometimes multiple e-commerce systems. We understand managed services business needs, which is why we have built connectors to expedite your transition, contain costs, maintain quality and deliver on time.



With 4 data centers on 2 continents, our managed hosting services can help you to stay relevant and competitive, and keep up with the rapid pace of change in technology and business requirements. Managing hosting requires investment in resources, compliance and management of complex infrastructure. ConnectMaze is your reliable partner who deeply understands your needs and can ensure business continuity, with 24/7 operations 365 days a year.


Data is the most important asset in an organization.

Demand for IT and data management remains strong and is constantly evolving. That’s why the most successful IT companies are the ones that consistently adapt to the disruptive evolution in the technology sector – and why your company should, too.